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Admissions Policy

Age 18 or Older

Possession of a high school diploma or General Education Development (GED) Certificate.

Certification in BLS for Healthcare providers is recommended, but not required.

*Please note that most Sleep Technology employers also require a background check, so those with criminal records may not be eligible for this career field.  Please keep this under consideration before enrolling.

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Enrollment Process

An enrollment application agreement must be completed by each perspective student. This agreement must be completed in full and signed by the student. The signed form should then be returned to the Somniloquy Sleep Education Institute by email, fax, the postal service, or electronically through the school’s website at

If the student is accepted for enrollment into the Somniloquy Sleep Education Institute, the student will receive an email accepting enrollment, providing a username and password for the student portal, and a copy of the finalized enrollment agreement signed by both the student and a school representative.

Once the student has accessed the student portal, they will have the option to register and pay tuition for the Let’s Talk Sleep Focused 2 Program.

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Grading Policies

Somniloquy Sleep Education Institute is a non-degree granting proprietary school. Our courses are not graded on a GPA scale and each course and program will be graded as either complete or incomplete.


Students must complete all learning activities presented in each course/topic and must complete a quiz at the completion of those activities with a score of 80% or more. 


In addition, Students must take a comprehensive examination covering all topics presented during the program and pass with a score of 80% or more. 

Students will be permitted to retake any quiz and the final examination multiple times but will be limited to three attempts per day.

Once all courses, quizzes, and the comprehensive examination have been completed with acceptable scores the program will be considered complete and a Certificate of Completion acceptable to the STAR and BRPT organizations will be presented to the student.

Institutional Policies

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Standards of Progress & Attendance Policies

Students enrolled in the “Let’s Talk Sleep Focused 2 Program” must attend all 86 hours of the program.

Students must complete all learning activities presented during the program and pass a quiz on each topic presented by 80% or more. Students will be given multiple opportunities to pass the quiz but will be limited to three attempts per day.

Students will also be required to complete a comprehensive examination covering all topics presented throughout the program by 80% or more to receive a certificate completion acceptable to the STAR and BRPT organizations.  Students who fail to pass 80% or more will be given multiple opportunities to retake the examination but will be limited to three attempts per day.

If a student withdraws or is absent from a portion of the program due to unforeseen events beyond student control, then they will be permitted to complete the missed portions of the training during a later program offering at no cost.

Students who need to make up missed hours/topics of the Focused 2 course must complete the missing course hours within 6 months of their program start date.  There will be no refund if the student fails to complete all 80 hours/topics within a six-month period.

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Granting of Prior Credit

Somniloquy Sleep Education Institute is a non-degree granting proprietary school and we have no formal credentialing beyond our STAR-designation. As such we are unable to accept transfer credits from other schools of higher learning.

All Focused 2 course must be paired with a STAR-Designated Self-Study Course.  Somniloquy Sleep Education Institute will offer a STAR-Designated Self Study Course in the near future, but we are happy to accept students into our Focused 2 Course even if they have or will be completing their self-study program through another designated provider.


STAR designated self-study providers can be located at

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Student Code of Conduct

Somniloquy Sleep Education Institute students are required and expected to conduct themselves in a mature and considerate manner.


Each student is expected to be respectful, sensitive, and courteous to guests, peers, school administrators, and faculty. Students should act in a manner that promotes and facilitates a peaceful and inclusive learning environment.

Students should avoid any behaviors that will disrupt the learning environment, intimidate, or threaten others, or that endanger the safety of others.

They should not commit any illegal activities while on school premises including the unauthorized use, possession, manufacturing, or distribution of illegal drugs, controlled substances, narcotics, or alcoholic beverages or being under the influence of these items while on campus.

Students are expected to show the same courtesy and respect to the building and school premises, materials, and equipment. 

Purposeful destruction of property will not be tolerated.  Legal action will be taken against any student who purposefully does so, to recoup the cost of repairs, replacement of damaged property, and loss of revenue due to closure related to repairs.


Students are expected to complete their own course work and take their own examinations. Academic dishonesty is prohibited. 

Students in violation of our student conduct policy may be dismissed from Somniloquy Sleep Education Institute's programs and may be asked to leave the premises. 

Depending on the severity of the infraction, a verbal or written warning may be issued to the student prior to dismissal to allow an opportunity for improved behavior. Re-entry to the school will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the owner of Somniloquy Sleep Education institute. 

Approval will be contingent upon the severity of the breach in conduct, improved behaviors, an apologetic attitude, and a written behavioral improvement plan agreeing to abide by the code of conduct moving forward.

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