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Let's Talk Sleep Self Study Program

*This program is still under development and STAR-designation for this program is still pending.  Enrollment & Registration in this program is closed until STAR approval is earned.  Approval is anticipated in September 2023.

The "Let’s Talk Sleep Self Study Program" and its courses will be presented online at Somniloquy Sleep Education Institute’s website The program consists of 23 online courses and will take 39 hours to complete.

 The self-study program is intended to prepare students with the education and knowledge needed to perform efficiently in the role of a sleep technician or technologist and to help students qualify for BRPT credentialing examinations. 

The program is self-paced and may be completed anytime including days, nights, holidays, etc.  The program or individually purchased self-study courses will be accessible immediately after registering and paying tuition.

Students may opt to register for and pay tuition for the full self-study program at one time or they may register and take individual courses as desired.  Students who opt to register for each separate course should be aware that they will ultimately pay more for the program by the time all courses are completed.

The certificate of completion for the Self Study program will not be issued until all 23 courses and 39 clock hours have been completed regardless of how the student chooses to register and pay tuition.


Let’s Talk Sleep Self Study Program Courses:

  • Let’s Talk Normal Vs. Abnormal Sleep

  • Let’s Talk Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders

  • Let’s Talk Parasomnias

  • Let’s Talk Sleep Movement Disorders

  • Let’s Talk Circadian Rhythm Disorders

  • Let’s Talk Insomnia

  • Let’s Talk Hypersomnia & Narcolepsy

  • Let’s Talk Nocturnal Epilepsy

  • Let’s Talk Patient information & Clinical Assessment

  • Let’s Talk Patient/Caregiver Interaction & Education

  • Let’s Talk Preparations for Polysomnography

  • Let’s Talk Calibrations

  • Let’s Talk PSG Practices & Procedures

  • Let’s Talk Normal Vs. Abnormal Waveforms

  • Let’s Talk PAP Therapy

  • Let’s Talk PAP Titrations

  • Let’s Talk PAP Support & Compliance

  • Let’s Talk Oxygen Therapy

  • Let’s Talk Scoring the Adult PSG

  • Let’s Talk Scoring the Pediatric & Infant PSG

  • Let’s Talk Report Generation & Data Storage

  • Let’s Talk Patient Safety & Emergencies

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