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Enrollment Process

All students must read the disclosure form attached below before requesting enrollment in the program. After reading the disclosure statement interested students may submit an enrollment form.  This agreement must be completed by each perspective student. This agreement must be completed in full and signed by the student. The signed form should then be returned to the Somniloquy Sleep Education Institute by email, fax, the postal service, or electronically through the school’s website at

If the student meets all minimum requirements for enrollment and agrees to all terms outlined in the disclosure statement and enrollment form, the student may register for their preferred course offering.

Somniloquy Sleep Education Institute, LLC will review all enrollment forms and registration requests.  In the event that a student registers for a course and they do not meet enrollment standards, their registration will be canceled and a refund will be issued per our cancelation policy.

Students will receive a copy of their enrollment form with a signature from a school representative as well as a confirmation email once their enrollment and registration process has been reviewed and approved.

Disclaimer Statement

Read Disclosure

*Please read disclosure before completing an enrollment agreement.

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