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 Let’s Talk Sleep Focused 2 Program

The Let's Talk Sleep Focused 2 program is a Sleep Technology Approved Resource (STAR) Education program for the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists (BRPT).  The program is held on-site at Somniloquy Sleep Education Institute located at 9138 S. State St. Suite B102., Sandy, UT  84070.

The program consists of 37 sleep technology topics/courses presented over the course 80 hours.  Students will participate in interactive lectures, hands-on skills training, and over 30 hours clinical experience performing polysomnographic procedures.

The purpose of this program is to provide students with the knowledge, experience, and skills to excel in performing in the entry level role of a polysomnographic technician and to enhance the knowledge of those already working in the field of sleep medicine as a polysomnographic technician so they can qualify to take credentialing examinations offered through the BRPT.

Students enrolled in this program must come prepared to participate in all activities and to attend 100% of the program.  Some activities will require students to be “hooked-up” for sleep tests and to take on the patient role during skills practice. 

Unless all activities and 80 hours of educational programming are completed, a certificate of completion acceptable to the BRPT cannot be issued.

Students should also be aware that the Focused 2 Program must be combined with a STAR-designated self- study program to meet the BRPT’s eligibility pathways for credentialing examinations.  Students may elect to complete this requirement by taking our upcoming “Let’s Talk Sleep Self Study Program” through the Somniloquy Sleep Education Institute or may select a different STAR-designated self-study provider.

Let’s Talk Focused 2 Program Course/Topic:

  • Let's Talk Introductions and Orientation to Somniloquy

  • Let’s Talk Sleep Technologists & Scope of Practice

  • Let’s Talk Sleep Credentials & Exam Eligibility

  • Let’s Talk Sleep/Wake Physiology & Pathophysiology

  • Let’s Talk Sleep Disorder Classifications & Criteria

  • Let’s Talk Orders, Chart Reviews, & Questionnaires

  • Let’s Talk Patient Assessment & Clinical Baseline

  • Let’s Talk Patient Interaction and Professionalism

  • Let’s Talk Medications & Substances that Affect Sleep


  • Let’s Talk Insomnia & Sleep Hygiene

  • Let’s Talk Polysomnographic Equipment & Supplies

  • Let’s Talk Polysomnography & Other Sleep Tests


  • Let’s talk Patient Preparation & Hookup

  • 10-20 system for EEG Electrode Placement

  • Application of Non-EEG Sensors

  • Programming & Prepping a Home Sleep Apnea Test

  • Full Rem/Full EEG Seizure Montage Hookup

  • Lights out Procedure & PSG Observation

  • Let’s Talk Patient Monitoring & Wave Forms

  • Let’s talk Artifacts and Troubleshooting.

  • Polysomnography Performance I-Diagnostic Baseline

  • MSLT & MWT Performance

  • Let’s Talk PAP Therapies

  • Let’s Talk Titration Studies

  • Polysomnography Performance II-PAP Titration

  • Let’s Talk PAP Compliance & Acclimatization

  • Let’s Talk Oxygen & Alternative Treatments

  • Let’s Talk Scoring the Adult Polysomnography

  • Let’s Talk Download & Scoring the Home Sleep Apnea Test

  • Let’s Talk Scoring the MSLT & MWT

  • Let’s Talk Data Analysis & Reporting

  • Let’s Talk Data Archiving and the Medical Record

  • Let’s Talk Pediatric Sleep and Polysomnography

  • Let’s Talk Scoring the Pediatric Polysomnography


  • Let’s Talk Patient Safety and Emergencies

  • Let’s Talk Infection Control

  • Let’s Talk Sleep Focused 2 Program Review

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